'Where do
you want
to go today?'

- Microsoft

Sapiens Spectacles
My big bro' - keepin' it real out of the 'Sack.
Relax, man.
A rich liberal, wonders never cease.
James Byers, open source god.
Neela J, my first big crush.
Enter the fray, a collection of short narratives.
Web pages that suck - and some that don't.
Get toasted in the world of Dr. Thaddeus Ozone.
[YM Illustration]
Spectacular airbrush-style digital art.
The collected works of H.R. Giger.
Staples Sports
Usually it's for nerds, and sometimes it matters.
Best. Reviews. Ever.
Viral video, Super Bowl ads, etc...
[Security Focus]
Internet security, news and vulnerabilities.
All that's weird, trendy, and possibly sponsored.
[Puzzle Pirates]
Puzzle games, multiplayer universe.
[Paint By Number]
A combination of art and logic.
Games, tokens, badges - all meaningless.
[Y! Games]
More games, k1dd3z, and bored housewives.
[Penguin Slap]
Penguin baseball, yeti at the plate.

Change Log

2009-01-09Made some edits to a section I had marked as "sessile". I was tempted to move it to the "mutable" column, but that seemed like wishful thinking.
2006-04-01Added the neologism baggler, which forced an update to the page generation code. Removed keywords <META> tags (what is this, 1999?). Implemented page-level titles and descriptions (as opposed to directory-level).
2006-03-31Created a new article: Breaking the ionCube HTML Obfuscator.
2006-03-30Completed verification of proper capitalization (check the source or disable style if you don't believe me). Eliminated all use of tables for layout except one (sadly, user agents are allowed to ignore the height specification for certain elements).
2006-03-28Created a change log. How basely self-referential.
2005-06-30Finished tuning comment posting functionality, enabling the guestbook and my other blog posts to be defaced (but not by automated scripts).
2005-01-14Went live. Yeeeehaw.

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